2014 – 2017

Bachelor of Media (Journalism)
The University of Adelaide

Studies focused on:

  • journalism – specifically writing skills, professional practice and reporting across a wide range of platforms;
  • film and television studies;
  • media research
  • and general skills including photography and using editing software.


Intensive Elementary Spanish A1 & A2
Barcelona International College

A six-week intensive course in Barcelona, Spain. Studies focused on:

  • Basic Spanish vocabulary – reading, writing and speaking;
  • Conversational Spanish;
  • Spanish culture.

2010 – 2014

Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)
The University of Adelaide

Microbiology & Immunology, with studies that focused on:

  • virology;
  • cellular & molecular biology;
  • epidemiology;
  • laboratory & research skills

Anatomical Sciences, with studies that included:

  • anthropological & forensic anatomy;
  • integrative & comparative neuroanatomy;
  • structural cell biology;
  • and comparative reproductive anatomy.

and also conducted independent research on:

  • sperm morphology and sperm competition in murine rodents (comparative reproductive anatomy);
  • and the reliability of various facial reconstruction methods using human skull casts (forensic anatomy).

Other subjects included broad studies in:

  • statistics;
  • biology;
  • psychology;
  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • and biochemistry.

2005 – 2009

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College (OLSH)



green roomWINNER: Green Room Short Film Competition (OzAsia Festival)
Beauty As Seen By A Beast (Writer, Director, Actor and Cinematographer)

2005 – 2009

Scholarship Recipient: AFS JENESYS Program
Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths: a project by the Japanese government to improve international relations.

WINNER: Academic awards for each school term

NOMINEE: Young Achievers Award

FINALIST: Young Journalist Award


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