2017 – present

Contributed Content Journalist (SA)
Fairfax Media

This role involves aggregating contributed content from multiple sources and preparing them for web and print publishing.

Responsibilities include:

  • editing and copy-fitting articles for print and online;
  • communicating with contributors and encouraging community engagement;
  • assisting publications around Australia with various tasks, including setting up forms on websites, collecting sports scores and writing stories from media releases.

2017 – present

Operations and Executive Assistant
Channel 44 Adelaide

This role involves assisting the Operations Manager and General Manager with the day-to-day running of Adelaide’s Community Television Station.

Responsibilities include:

  • writing and editing grant applications;
  • social media management;
  • previewing shows for airing;
  • data processing, including editing and submitting fortnightly TV guide information;
  • communicating with potential show producers to access new content; and
  • exploring new and innovative ideas to help Channel 44 thrive.

On live television, I took on a versatile position working on Fringewatch and Last Night Live. Before Fringewatch, I assisted the General Manager in applying for funding and studio space.

During broadcast, my positions include:

  • runner/assistant
  • social media
  • live graphics work (working with the director to coordinate sponsor messages, lower thirds, title and credits, etc).

2015 – present

Program Coordinator, Producer, Panel Operator and Host
The Night Shift on Radio Adelaide

Tune in weekly and we’ll provide you with enough knowledge to get you through awkward small talk at parties.

A unique take on news and events from around the world presented by people with a shorter attention span than you.

Depth and analysis, entertainment and music, fun and games: There’s something for everyone on The Night Shift. 

This role involves working with a small team to produce a 90-minute, late night variety programme on Radio Adelaide.

Responsibilities include:

  • producing, hosting and panel operating the show;
  • researching and collecting content, music and stories each week; and
  • managing the Night Shift’s social media pages.


Australia’s Science Channel (RiAus)

Responsibilities included:

  • Leading a video production project for their Ultimate Careers series (can be viewed here);
  • Writing blog posts for the website;
  • Event coverage – live tweeting a nuclear debate and editing the resulting podcast; and
  • assisting with daily activities, such as the Brew Ha Ha facebook series (‘bite-sized’ science videos).

2016 – 2017

Science Communicator/Presenter

This role involves leading workshops, events and performing educational shows for children and families.

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching scientific concepts to children and families at schools and special events;
  • Hosting shows such as the ‘Stardome’, a portable planetarium where attendees learn about the stars, constellations and space;
  • Selling showbags, tickets and assisting customers in organising their time to maximise their experience at special events; and
  • Assisting in the production of new shows and material.

2014 – 2017

Team Leader/Shift Operations Manager
Fairfax Agricultural Research & Marketing (FARM)

This role requires common sense, organisation skills and the ability to multi-task. As a Team Leader, I am expected to:

  • supervise a team of call centre staff during night shifts;
  • effectively communicate team expectations;
  • review and monitor call statistics;
  • manage lines of communication between research team, General Manager and Research Manager;
  • answer queries and solve issues regarding research;
  • train new employees;
  • ensure research deadlines are met on time and to a high calibre;
  • and continue to carry out phone research and database maintenance as described in Market Researcher role.

2010 – 2014

Market Researcher
Fairfax Agricultural Research & Marketing (FARM)

As a researcher, I am expected to make cold calls in order to perform surveys. Skills required for this role include:

  • cold-calling in order to conduct phone interviews for market research purposes;
  • recruiting individuals to participate in focus groups;
  • maintaining a polite, friendly and energetic attitude, especially during phone interviews;
  • building strong relationships with both the research team and survey participants;
  • acknowledging and reporting incorrect data in a clear and concise manner for database maintenance purposes;
  • and quickly comprehending and recording responses of interviewees.

In addition to phone surveys, researchers must maintain the contact database. Skills include:

  • performing database maintenance as required using the Microsoft Office suite (especially Access, Excel and Word);
  • cross-referencing incorrect contact details using available information in order to produce correct information;
  • and performing all duties in a quick and efficient manner in order to maximise productivity.

Customer Service/Sales Assistant 
Fehlberg’s Fine Foods, The Good Food & Wine Show


  • serve customers in a fast-paced environment;
  • handle cash and mentally perform calculations;
  • quickly learn information about the seller and correctly answer customer questions on the spot;
  • monitor stock and ensure sample plates were full;
  • and remain well-presented and approachable at all times.


2015 – present

Program Coordinator
The Night Shift on Radio Adelaide

This is an all-inclusive role to produce a late-night program on Australia’s first community radio station. Responsibilities include:

  • Producing and organising the 90-minute program;
  • Hosting the program and interviewing guests;
  • Managing and working with a team to present news, games and music in an entertaining, quirky way; and
  • Promoting the program on social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2015 – present

Student Ambassador

This role requires people skills, organisation and enthusiasm. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending events and expos on behalf of CISAustralia;
  • Distributing promotional material around University campuses; and
  • Speaking to students and the public about overseas opportunities.

2016 – present

Adelaide Food Central

This role involves attending and reporting on events around Adelaide. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending events, opening nights and restaurants on behalf of Adelaide Food Central;
  • Photographing and writing reviews about the food, event and overall experience within a set timeframe; and
  • Posting photographs and descriptions on social media.

2016 – present


This role involves attending events, writing reviews and photography around Adelaide. Specialising in review surrounding food, events and music. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending events, opening nights and restaurants on behalf of EverythingAdelaide;
  • Photographing and writing reviews about the food, event and/or overall experience within a set timeframe; and
  • Posting reviews and descriptions on social media.

2013 – present

Writer/Reviewer (ongoing)
Kryztoff Magazine


  • apply for relevant media passes;
  • attend shows, events and festivals around Adelaide;
  • post articles and reviews within 24 hours (usually immediately) after the event;
  • generate ideas to increase traffic to the website;
  • and contribute to the magazine’s Instagram page.

Makutiro Ghislain

I occasionally work with an artist as a model in photographs and paintings for his portfolio. As his
model, I am expected to:

  • Photographer: Makutiro Ghislain

    apply appropriate make-up to suit the theme of the work;

  • provide images as a reference for paintings;
  • assist in idea generation during photo shoots (if necessary);
  • and take direction from the artist to achieve a particular vision.


Nursing (5 Days)
Gumeracha Medical Practice


  • fed disabled and elderly patients;
  • assisted registered nurses (RNs) in daily showering of patients;
  • studied medical records and paperwork;
  • monitored the social and mental well-being of patients and reported any issues to RNs;
  • and assisted in other patient care, such as wound dressing and bed-making.


Newspaper Production (3 days)
Stock Journal, Fairfax Media (formerly Rural Press)

As a work experience student for the Stock Journal newspaper, I assisted the production team in pre-press work; typing up documents and learning basic Photoshop skills.

Volunteer Work

Mawson Lakes Community Church

  • band member (Singer & pianist);
  • collecting food for the disadvantaged;
  • letterbox drops
  • ushering and greeting;

The “Big Week Out”

Clowning at Rundle Mall for the Big Week Out
Big Week Out: Photo by Thuong Nguyen
  • clowning;
  • backyard blitz (cleaning and renovating);
  • nursing home visits (spending time with dementia patients)

World Vision
40 Hour Famine

  • participant and money collector