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The Independent Project

Brodie Perone


Nature, Science & Vaccinations


Writing Samples: Academic Writing

Media Studies Essays:

Evolution of sitcoms (2014)

Sustaining media industries in a time of digital revolution (2014)

Politics Essay:

GMOs & Government control (2014)

Microbiology & Immunology Essay:

ILTV (Infectious laryngotracheitis virus) (2012)

Writing Samples: Published Work

Adelaide Food Central Reviews 2016:


Big Window – Launch Night

Biggies at Bertram

EverythingAdelaide 2016:


Gelista VIP Tour & Tasting: Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Sugar Highs and Happy Vibes at Nutella-Palooza!

Adelaide Fringe Reviews 2015:


17th Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival

Tinder Surprise

Bey Dance Workshop

Adelaide Fringe Reviews 2014:


Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience

A Jazzy Afternoon

Film Experience

Career Hacks (2016)

Produced with Australia’s Science Channel as part of a two-week internship in 2016.

Hear from three people at the top of their game and follow their career advice.

Video can be found at this link:

The Sights and Sounds of Barcelona (2015)

Created for the Video Journalism Scholarship through CISAustralia.

Study Abroad: Barcelona (2015)

Created for the Video Journalism Scholarship through CISAustralia.

Beauty As Seen By A Beast: Winner of The Green Room Short Film Festival (2014)

Writer, Director, Cinematographer (Camera work & Lighting) & Actor

Vaccination PSA (2014)

Complete project

Lawful Trailer (2014)

Camera work