Hi! My name is Olivia. I’m a Contributed Content Journalist at Fairfax Media.

I like to think of myself as enthusiastic, hard-working and adaptable.

I have a degree in Biomedical Science, however throughout my studies I realised my real passion lies in the media industry. I moved into a Media degree with a major in journalism. I believe this enviable combination has taught me to present complex ideas (such as science) in simple ways.

Besides writing, my passion also extends to radio, film, television and all forms of multimedia. I am the program coordinator, host and producer of late-night community radio program, The Night Shift on Radio Adelaide.

I also volunteer at Channel 44 as an operations and executive assistant. This has given me insight into the day-to-day operation of a community television station, experience in live television and online marketing.

In addition, I have developed skills in film, which has won the acclaim of the local short film industry.

My hope is to actively seek and capitalise on any opportunities to work in the media industry.